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  • Circulation Policies
    DVD LOAN POLICY Patrons must be at least 18 years old with an adult library card to check out all non-juvenile or non-general DVDs. Juvenile DVDs (marked with a yellow label or dot) and General DVDs (marked with a G) may be checked out by adults or juveniles with a Rushville Public Library card. Patrons may check out up to three DVDs per card per visit. Movies and other films which are in two parts count as one DVD. DVDs loan for one week with NO RENEWAL. Overdue DVDs cost $1.00 per day per overdue item, up to the price of the item. Patrons who lose or permanently damage DVDs must pay the replacement cost of the item plus $1.00 processing fee. The library is not responsible for damage to the equipment of patrons. The patron is responsible for any damage to the DVD which may occur while in his/her possession. OVERDUE CHARGES POLICY The overdue charges are an attempt by the library to insure the prompt return of materials for the use of other borrowers. Overdue fine money is added to the operating fund of the library, and, in turn, contributes eventually to the operation of the library. The following charges will be made: 10 cents per day per library item (excluding DVDs), up to the price of the item $1.00 per day per DVD, up to the price of the item The fines assessed by INCOLSA will be charged to patrons for interlibrary loan materials Sundays, holidays and any day the library is closed or only partially open do not count as overdue days.
  • Equipment Policies
    The Rushville Public Library provides a copier, FAX, and laminator among its equipment for in-library public use. The following library equipment must be used in-library only, but may be used by anyone: Computers - Copier - FAX machine - Laminator - Microfilm Reader/Printer In some cases, a staff member may be required to supervise or work the equipment for the public. Fees Current Photocopy Fees: 15 cents per 8 ½ X 11 and 8 ½ X 14 25 cents per 11X17 10 cents per copy if patron brings own paper $.50 for color copies (all sizes) Current Laminator Fees: 50 cents for small pocket-size 75 cents for items smaller than 15X18 $1.50 for 15X18 $3.00 for 24X36 or poster size Current FAX Transaction Fees: $1.00 first page/25 cents each additional – local sending & toll-free numbers $2.00 first page/25 cents each additional – long distance & all receiving Current Microfilm Reader/Printer and Computer Printout Fees: 25 cents per page In addition, patrons must supply their own blank computer CD or flash drive for saving information on the computers.
  • Internet Use Policy
    General Disclaimer The internet is a global network of computers operated by a variety of educational institutions, commercial, governmental, and nonprofit organizations. The library cannot guarantee the accuracy, authoritativeness, timeliness, or usefulness of information obtained on the Internet. The library assumes no responsibility for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages relating to the use of its Internet connection. Access to the Internet The Rushville Public Library is committed to making available a variety of electronic resources, including Internet access. The goal of the library in providing this service is to enhance the existing collection in size, depth, and scope, and to provide access for those people who do not otherwise have access to the Internet. Internet access is available at the computer workstations in the reference area and the children room. The library allows one person per Internet station at any one time unless the librarian on duty grants permission otherwise. Library staff is available to provide assistance and help identify appropriate sites. The library provides only web-based email (Yahoo, Gmail, etc). Use of non-web-based email on the library equipment is prohibited. Use of the Internet by Minors The library expects parents and/or guardians to assume responsibility for their children’s use of online services and encourages parents to explore the Internet with their children. A parent or guardian must accompany children 8 years of age and under while on the Internet. The library will not function in loco parentis. Parents should explain the following rules to their children: 1. Children should not give out personal information such as their address, telephone number, parent’s work address/telephone number, or the name and location of their school without parental permission. 2. Children will not damage the keyboard, computer, printer, or software. 3. Children will not use bad language, scare, or try to harm anyone through their actions online. 4. Children will tell their parents or a library staff member right away if they find something that worries or scares them. 5. Children will not try to enter files, sites or systems that are restricted. 6. Children will follow the rules for reserving a computer station and they will leave promptly when their reserved time is completed. 7. Children will understand that breaking these rules means they may not be allowed to use the computer stations at the library in the future. (Parents: Pursuant to the conditions & terms below) Conditions and Terms of Internet Use in the Library In an effort to ensure that the use of this medium is consistent with the Mission of the Rushville Public Library, the following regulations shall apply to every user: 1. Designated Internet stations will be located where staff can monitor them for assistance and security. 2. Prospective users will sign an Internet Use Contract. Youth under 18 years of age will be required to have parental or guardian permission to access the Internet. While the library will make every effort to ensure that the use of the Internet is consistent with the mission statement, parents are encouraged to work closely with their children in selecting sites that are consistent with personal and family values and boundaries. 3. The library will establish procedures that will make Internet stations available on a first come, first served basis. Stations can be reserved as well. 4. Internet use will be managed in a manner consistent with the library’s Public Behavior Policy, which has been adopted and is posted in the library. 5. The library reserves the right to review Internet history after each use. 6. The library reserves the right to suspend Internet users for non-compliance of the Internet Policy/Agreement. First offense results in a verbal warning. Second offense results in 30 days suspension of Internet privileges. Third offense results in 60 days suspension of Internet privileges. Fourth offense results in a year’s suspension of Internet privileges. In addition, in order to give every patron (resident and non-resident) fair access to the Internet, the following regulations shall apply: A. In order to access the Internet, all users must check in at the front desk before using an Internet workstation. B. All users must check in at the front desk before switching to a different Internet workstation. C. The computer stations may be used in 60-minute increments. If there is no patron waiting for a computer station, the user may exceed the 60-minute increment until a need for the station arises. D. School work, online tests, employment searches, and scholarly or job researching by users take precedence over other online activities. E. Users who need to leave a computer station but intend to return within a few minutes must indicate their intentions at the front desk or risk losing the station to another user. F. Those wishing to download information or store information must bring their own storage device (flash drive, CD, etc). G. Printing costs are 25 cents per page (20 cents per page if patron brings his/her own paper). Unacceptable Uses of the Computer Resources The following are unacceptable uses of the computers and Internet: 1. Use for any purpose that violates applicable federal, state, or local laws. 2. Interference with or disruption of other computer users, computer services, or equipment. 3. Attempting to gain or gaining unauthorized entry to other computing information or downloading. 4. Malicious, threatening, harassing, or obscene behavior. (Obscene behavior includes public display of obscene materials on computer screen or in hard copy).
  • Library Use Policy
    The library board and the library director reserve the right to eject from the library and to refuse further admission to those individuals who may violate the rights of the staff or library users, or who create disorder in the library in any of the following situations: 1. Any situation in which the actions of a person present an imminent danger to the life or safety of others in the library. 2. Any situation in which a person is observed in an attempt to steal library property or that of another library user, or to maliciously destroy library property. 3. Any situation in which a person willfully and purposefully disturbs the staff or other library users or whose behavior is in any way disruptive to the legitimate use of the library facilities by others. 4. Any situation in which a person’s behavior is inappropriate to the use of the library building for the purposes for which it is legally constituted. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to: a. Sleeping b. Gambling c. Molestation d. Public intoxication e. Smoking f. Public indecency g. Voyeurism (peeping Tom) h. Using obscene language i. Solicitation for unlawful purposes j. Bringing animals into the library k. Entering without shirt or shoes Those persons who violate these rules will be asked to leave the library immediately, or when appropriate, be subject to arrest. The following inappropriate behavior is subject to one verbal warning by a library staff member before ejection from the library environs: a. Loitering b. Disruptive conduct c. Eating and drinking d. Leaving preschool children unattended e. Playing on the steps or ramps f. Running or playing g. Placing feet on tables or chairs An individual who is ejected from the library environs due to inappropriate behavior may be asked not to return to the library for a time period which will be determined by the ejecting staff member. In extreme cases of an individual being ejected from the library for more than a week, a registered letter stating the ejection from the library will be sent to the person (or parent or guardian) and to the police department. A copy of the letter will be kept on file at the library.
  • Meeting Room Policy
    The purpose of the meeting room is to provide a place for members of the community and Rush County to meet to carry on such business as their club or association may deem necessary. The library director has the authority to enter into agreements as to who may or may not use the room. The library board reserves the right to make final decisions pertaining to any group requesting use of the meeting room. The meeting room shall be available between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM Monday through Saturday, and 11 AM and 6 PM Sunday. Library functions shall have precedence with ample notification when use of the meeting room is canceled. Requests to reserve the room should be submitted in writing or in person at least one week before the date to be used. Library related groups shall have priority in scheduling. No buying or selling of products or services nor solicitation of services, except in support of the library, shall be allowed. There shall be custodial fee of $25 charged to all groups, except not-for-profit groups. This fee shall be paid when the application for use is made. No alcoholic beverages. No smoking. Groups will be responsible for setting up and restoring the room to its original condition and ascertaining that all lights are turned off before locking the building. The group will assume any damage. A written statement (application) will be signed by the group, or its representative, assuming responsibility. Except with prior approval from the director, no animals, with the exception of animals for the handicapped, shall be brought into the library.
  • Unattended Child Policy
    The Rushville Public Library welcomes children to use our library and its resources. Our staff serves children by answering questions, assisting in the search for books to read, providing materials to complete homework assignments, and presenting special programs designed to encourage library use and to broaden young imaginations. However, it is the responsibility of parents, guardians, and caregivers to ensure their children’s safety, welfare, and appropriate behavior while in the Library or on Library grounds. The Library is not an alternative to daycare. Library staff is not responsible for the direct supervision, safety, or welfare of any child. However, the Rushville Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted this policy to assist parents, guardians, and caregivers in keeping children safe in the Library and on Library grounds. For the purpose of this policy: The term “unattended” shall mean NOT in the immediate company of a responsible adult or caregiver over the age of 16, other than library staff. The term “adult” or “caregiver” shall refer to individuals over the age of 16. The term “supervision” shall mean to closely watch over and ensure children follow the Library’s Public Behavior Policy. Children under the age of nine (9) years old must be accompanied by a caregiver over the age of sixteen (16). The caregiver is responsible for the behavior and supervision of the children in their care while at the Library. The exception to the prior rule is during Library programs when children will be under the supervision of a librarian. However, caregivers are urged to stay within the Library or make sure the librarian has a contact number. Children should be picked up by the caregiver as soon as possible at the end of the library program. Children ages nine (9) and up may visit the Library unattended, but must adhere to the Library’s Public Behavior Policy. Library staff reserves the right to give warnings and/or ask a child to leave the Library if the child is using inappropriate behavior or language as outlined in the Public Behavior Policy (Policy 11). Closing Time/End of Library Programs At closing time or at the end of a Library program, children of all ages should be picked up by a caregiver or have pre-arranged ways to get home safely. If a child under the age of sixteen (16) is left without someone to pick them up, an attempt will be made to contact the parent/caregiver. If transportation does not arrive or if a caregiver cannot be reached within 15 minutes, the librarian on duty will contact the Rushville Police Department. Under no circumstances will a library staff member provide a child with a ride home.
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